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Downtown Edmonton Landmarks

Posted on: April 14 2022

We’ve already had a sprinkling of tourists come through our doors, but we’re excited to welcome even more this spring/summer! We’re ready to show off our top ten Downtown Edmonton Landmarks that have shaped our city to what it is today. These are the pieces of Edmonton’s history we would recommend anyone to see!



Muttart Conservatory

The four glass pyramids in the midst of Edmonton’s river valley are a classic Edmonton landmark. As a welcoming environment, full of plant life from around the world, the Muttart Conservatory is a great place for families, weekend dates, and visitors travelling through our city.

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Royal Alberta Museum (RAM)

Full of Alberta’s history, the Royal Alberta Museum features natural and human history halls, a bug gallery, and a feature gallery with rotating exhibitions. As one of the go-to tourist spots, this newly built museum is an Edmonton staple for locals and out-of-towners.

Featuring: Stephanie Simpson



Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA)

If you’re looking to enrich your day with fine art, the Art Gallery of Alberta has five exhibition spaces featuring contemporary art from renowned Edmontonian, Canadian, and international artists. Enjoy an afternoon, or stay late on Thursday evening roaming through the exhibits in the beautifully designed gallery right in the heart of downtown Edmonton!

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Walterdale Bridge

After more than 100 years, the Walterdale Bridge reached the end of its life in 2013 and was replaced with the beautiful structure we see today. This now signature bridge is the first of its kind in Edmonton, with two 56M arches spanning the river. Whether you are driving or walking across it, the Walterdale Bridge is a prominent Edmonton thoroughfare.

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Alberta Legislature

As the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is home to the Alberta Legislature Grounds. A favourite destination for school field trips, many adults enjoy these grounds as a scenic picnic spot, festival hot-spot, and all-in-all haven in the heart of downtown.

Featuring: RSS Designs, Stephanie Simpson, J2 Studios, Snow Alligator, Toshiaki, Steven Li Studio, Edmontonia Trading Cards, and Shadow Art



Edmonton River Valley

If you work, live or play in downtown Edmonton, then you know the magic of being in the River Valley. As the largest urban park in Canada, Edmonton’s River Valley boasts more than 160KM of maintained pathways and 20 major parks. We definitely recommend walking along one of the many trails, or reading your favourite book along Victoria Promenade. 

Featuring: Edmonton River Designs, Lori Frank, Leanne Schnierer, and Jojo & Gun



Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

The castle like facade of this historic hotel is another iconic building in the downtown core. Built as an early 20th-century railway hotel, the Hotel MacDonald is known as one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. Whether you’re visiting from out-of-town or looking for a luxurious staycation, this hotel is one to consider!

Featuring: Lori Frank, Edmontonia Trading Cards, Snow Alligator, and Stephanie Simpson



100th Street Funicular

Right behind the Hotel MacDonald you can find Edmonton’s first funicular! In use since late 2017, this elevator like attraction has brought increased access to the downtown core and River Valley. For those looking for a unique view of the city, take a ride on the funicular during sunset for a spectacular sight.

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Harbin Gate

A gift from Edmonton’s Sister City, Harbin, China in the 1980s, the Harbin Gate was a landmark in Edmonton’s Chinatown for many years. With the construction of the Valley LRT line, the gate was dismantled and put in storage, but now there are plans for a new gate to be built as a symbol to welcome residents and tourists to a new Chinatown. With nods to the old bridge, the new gate will do its best to signify Edmonton and the history of Chinatown.

Featuring: Emily Chu Illustration and Chinatown Greetings 



Edmonton City Hall and Churchill Square

Located at 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, City Hall is the home of the City of Edmonton's mayoral and other official offices. City Hall and Churchill Square also host a number of festivals throughout the year. From The Street Performers to The Works to Taste of Edmonton and CariWest, there is a wide variety of activities to partake in over the summer. During the winter, take part in some ice skating on the fountain pool and visit The Hallway Café for a warm soup or baked good.

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