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From the Heart of TIX

Posted on: January 11th, 2018

Oh what a year! There’s been a lot of amazing changes at TIX on the Square this past year, and we were just so excited about of them that we decided to recap some of our highlights of 2017!

Fringe With Us All Year Long
For many years now, Fringe Theatre and TIX on the Square have partnered to set up a downtown box office outlet for the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. We loved having them here so much, we decided to make it a year round thing! Since September of 2017, we became an official Box Office outlet for all events sold through Fringe, including their season shows such as “Reckoning” and “Over Her Dead Body”. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Chinook Festival in February! It’s two hot weeks in the middle of winter you won’t want to miss.



Our Website – New and Improved
This year we gave our website a whole new look, thanks to the team over at Box Clever. They were so helpful and ultra-prepared to take on a big project like ours, and helped us build this new site from almost the ground up! is now more user friendly, making it easy to view all of our artists, and brought with it a handy events calendar that makes finding events in the city so much easier. You can specify whether you’re looking for theatre, dance, or music, and finally find events with our new search bar (something we were personally very excited about here in store)!



The First Ever Edmonton Made Gift Calendar
2017 was a big year for both us and Edmonton Made, and we are honored to have worked with them on their first ever Gift Catalogue! “Gifted” featured dozen of items by YEG makers, from food to jewelry to woodwork; many of whom were TIX artists! They also gave us an amazing Retailer Feature in the catalogue, helping us further connect Edmonton audience with local arts events and handmade gifts. You can see the Gift Catalogue and our retailer feature here. The folks over at Edmonton Made have been so kind to us this past year, and it has been absolute pleasure working with them!


Events and Artists, it’s what we're all about
In 2017, we sold for over 200 events! We take pride in being a brick and mortar third party box office for all the amazing indie, emerging, and established promoters in Edmonton. Whether that takes you to a boot stomping folk show, to Cowboy country in Alberta, to a fearless a capella show, or fly fishing with a prairie dance maverick, we were happy to help take you there.

We were also excited to welcome 30 new artists to TIX! We are constantly striving to make our store more diverse and inclusive, and celebrating all the amazing artists in Edmonton who are out there every day working hard and making this city great! Here are two new makers we were excited to add to the TIX family in 2017:

Carrie Wheeler 

“Carrie has always loved making arts and crafts.  After lots of feedback from family and friends about how much she had progressed with her craft making skills, and a staunch entrepreneurial spirit, she decided it would be a great idea to start selling her crafts and toys at a local market.

She is very proud of the work and creativity she puts into her business because, as she does live with a disability, she feel like she's helping to blur the boundaries that people with disabilities often face when contributing their gifts, talents, and ambitions in their community.”

Carrie's Crafts and Toys

Delilah Mah


"Saulteaux descendant and member of the Keeseekoose First Nation, Saskatchewan located in the Treaty 4 territory. With the artistic vision to make a difference and a creative spirit, she wanted to be able show the world the beauty of Indigenous peoples of Canada - our unique identities, our women, our men, our children, our cultures, our languages, our land, our ancestors and a way to present a memento of our history by expressing it through art and photography.

She has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. She wanted to create not only a piece of art, but to share a story to the world one that provides hope and inspiration. Her inspiration has always been her family, they are blessed with six generations.  She is truly grateful for this opportunity, for creation, for life - it is precious and beautiful. Each piece has an Indigenous touch customized and personalized for the individual. They are stylish, elegant and have a modern technique."


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