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Happy World Theatre Day!

Posted on: March 27th, 2018

Hey there, been a while! But what better day to come back than World Theatre Day? Since TIX is so in love with Edmonton theatre, amongst all it's other vibrant arts communities, we'd thought we'd take a look at theatre here in our home town. 

First, some background!

World Theatre Day (March 27) was created by UNESCO and the International Theatre Institute (ITI) in 1961 to celebrate the power of theatre, and those who create it and see the value and importance in this art form. 

Theatre in Edmonton! 

Did you know that Edmonton has more theatre per-capita than New York City? It's no secret that YEG loves their theatre, with at least 15 professional play houses (some with multiples stages) and over 50 professional, semi-professtional, and community theatre companies, there's always a chance to catch something amazing. But of course, we never restrict ourselves to the traditional spaces! In this big little city, you can see theate in churches and community halls, at movie theatres and amphitheaters, and a few places you've never expected to see theatre before. Wondering where you can take a look at all this? You can use TIX's handy directory to browse artists and organizations who have partnered with us, and all the venues they have played at! 

But what about the festivals?

Edmonton has almost too many festivals to count, and at least 15 of those festivals celebrate theatre in all it's forms, whether that be improv, new works, Shakespeare, French-Canadian works, or theatre in found spaces. And of course, there is the world-famous Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. Largest in North America, and second largest in the world, this festival brings out over 200 individual productions each year. It's 10 jam-packed days that bring out more of the Edmonton community than any one Oilers game! Oh, and a free pro-tip, you can Fringe all year long with TIX thanks to our satellite box office!

How to celebrate World Theatre Day all month long!

Well, it's easy! Just go see a show! Our online ticketing systems makes it super easy to buy for a number of productions in Edmonton, including these:

  • City of Angels presented by MacEwan University Theatre, running until March 31
  • Cleave presented by Tiny Bear Jaws at Fringe Theatre, running March 27 to April 7
  • Blue Stockings presented by Walterdale theatre, running April 4 to 14
  • Over The Edge with 4Play, a yearly fundraiser for Catalyst Theatre, on April 8
  • Infinity by Hannah Moscovitch presented by Theatre Network, running April 17 to 29
  • Pretty Goblins presented by Workshop West Playwrights Theatre, running April 18 to 29
  • Company the Musical presented by Foote in the Door, running April 20 to 28 and
  • Footloose presented by Scona Theatre Co., running April 23 to 28