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  • Category: Wood Worker

Natasha Lay is a multi-media artist with formal training in design and fabrication of functional art, including fine furniture.  She is fascinated by the way natural materials can provide context to a piece; drawing on lighting, incongruities and texture, Natasha creates detailed abstracts of imagined scenes such as a view of a dancer through a window, a stylized still, or a musician playing for her own enjoyment.

Marquetry is a very old art form that Natasha re-imagines with contemporary interpretations that are influenced by traditional Japanese wood block prints and brush work.  Her goal is to challenge the preconceived boundaries placed on the art and draw viewers into the richness and wonder that natural materials offer as a medium.

When she is not in studio, Natasha enjoys hiking in the Rockies with her husband and dog, belly dancing, and volunteering in the community.  She is attending the University of Alberta to explore art, design and East Asian language and culture.