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Parasol Designs

Parasol Designs
  • Category: Graphic Clothing
  • Category: Textiles

Founded in 2009 by Designer Corinna Chow, Parasol is inspired by anything from the Lolita styles of Japan to the bold streets of New York. Our philosophy is to create simple yet sweet clothing for the every day girl. Targeting women ages 25-40 Parasol's designs are fun and girly meets modern city. With the help of a BA in Art & Design, Parasol also dabbles in graphic art and silkscreening. All of Parasol's designs are made in her studio located in the heart of downtown Edmonton on 104th Street. Starting from scratch, all designs start as an idea scribbled on paper, drafted into patterns and eventually made into complete size runs from xsmall to large.

Fabric is mainly bought locally, however the odd fabric and most trims and accents are bought anywhere from neighboring Vancouver to street markets in Hong Kong.