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TIX Authors

TIX Authors
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TIX on the Square carries locally written and published books from the following authors/publishers:

Alice Major
Book Publishers Association
Carissa Halton
Constance Brisenden (Living Traditions)
Dean Wood (EDHS)
Emily Chu
Gary Garrison
Gwen Molnar
Jason Lee Norman
Jennifer Klein
Kenna Mary McKinnon
Kevan Lyons
Laurel Deedrick-Mayne
Linda Brown
Lone Pine Press
Marty Chan
Michael King
Mila Bongco-Philipzig
Nancy Gordy
Nancy Ng
Newest Press
Norman Grimes
Rabbit in the Yard Productions
Rita Feutl
Rod Pendergast
Shayne Woodsmith
Sue Huff
Sydney Lancaster
Tara Rout
Tom Monto