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Midlife Book

Midlife Book
  • Category: Author

Written and published during COVID quarantine, Midlife features the collected works of former members of the Gateway, the student newspaper at the University of Alberta. This crew of 27 writers and creators from the late 1990s/early 2000s now find themselves navigating midlife, and it turns out adulting isn’t necessarily as straightforward as anyone imagined.

Midlife will take you through personal reflections from the word-nerds. Topics range from paths not taken, self-discovery, growth, ambition, infertility, family illness, parenthood, and health. Like the Gateway of the past, you will find a variety of sharp formats and takes offering a diverse Canadian perspective on Midlife.

First and foremost, Midlife is a passion project fuelled by the desire to reclaim our creativity, particularly in a time when our lives feel like they are narrowing. It’s a labour of love via reunion of friends from a student newspaper, during a time when connection and community are more important than ever.

Instagram: @midlifebook