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Dragonfly Book Press

Dragonfly Book Press
  • Category: Home Goods

Dragonfly Book Press is a hand bound sketchbook company created by visual artist Angie Sotiropoulos. Angie has been making artful objects for individuals, theatre companies and a variety arts organizations for over twenty years. Her work has been seen in exhibitions, performances and events of all types across Canada and Internationally. Over the last few years, her art practice has been evolving to include a variety of book making techniques. She enjoys working with her hands, experimenting with new materials and inspiring others to do the same.

Angie started making her own sketchbooks so she could create in books made from paper not commonly found in bound form. The inspiration and pleasure she has found while using a handmade book is what has sparked the decision to start making custom books for others.

Dragonfly Book Press offers stock and custom sized sketchbooks using a variety of professional quality papers. Curated seasonal cloth colours and Japanese prints make each book have a personal and unique touch. All of the sketchbooks are designed to be strong, practical and easy to take anywhere or use at home. Small runs of new books are added frequently to a collection and are meant to play with size, introduce coloured paper options, and try out new structure types. A sketchbook should be a fun place for experimentation and a way to connect with creating something by hand no matter what your medium of choice is.

Instagram: @dragonflybookpress