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BUNO Design

BUNO Design
  • Category: Jewelry

BUNO Design's Esmahan Abdallah designs and makes edgy, unique sustainable jewelry using upcycled and repurposed jewelry pieces. Esmahan noticed that although upcycling clothing is popular, upcycling jewellery is uncommon. Starting with her family’s collection, she began to repurpose vintage, salvaged, and donated jewellery into powerful and bold wearable art pieces. Whether the original piece is mass-produced or heirloom, it can be repurposed to suit current trends and the owner’s style. 

"Be Unique, Not Ordinary": those four words don’t just guide the mandate of Buno Design, they represent the family and philosophy that inspired Esmahan Abdallah to turn her passion and talent into a legacy. That passion? Jewellery design. That legacy? Transforming her paternal grandfather’s last name into an internationally celebrated brand. Bold in her designs, generous in spirit, and a master class in unapologetically being yourself.

Instagram: @buno_design