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  • Category: Visual Artist

Toshiaki Koike is a self-taught visual artist who was born in Japan and is a 16-year resident of Edmonton. Some ideas for his artwork are from his study of Japanese modern literature in Japanese university. Modern haiku gave him the idea that “Shasei” (a realistic observation of nature) is important.

He emphasizes the objects of focus by computer processing, printing out, and tracing with transparent acrylic paint in matte and gloss. The process is for the observation of the world in which he is involved.

His method of expressing and presenting the observed abstract series of senses in order is a matter of linking simple messages and poetry to realize his vision of communication beyond words.

Toshiaki’s recent art activity is to observe, create and express views of everyday life in Edmonton. He participates in local art events like the Art Walk on Whyte and has donated artwork to the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. His latest solo exhibition was held at the Naess Gallery in Edmonton in the fall of 2017.


Instagram: @toshiakiart