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Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz - Friday, November 8

Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz - Friday, November 8

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About the Yardbird Suite

The Yardbird Suite has been Edmonton's jazz venue since 1957. It is the performance venue of the Edmonton Jazz Society, and is an intimate, volunteer-run lounge specializing in...

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Double Bill


Doors at 7:00 p.m.; Show at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets - $26.00 for EJS members; $30.00 for non-members/guests

From Montreal and New York

Chet Doxas – tenor saxophone
Jacob Sacks – piano
Zack Lober – bass
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums


LandLine is a Brooklyn-based quartet with an unusual concept. The group is based on an original composition game that is constantly ongoing within the band. The process is similar to the children’s game “broken-telephone” but in LandLine’s case, the group uses musical ideas instead of spoken phrases. Each band member composes a musical idea then passes it down the line to the next group member. By the time the process is completed, each member of the group has edited or added to the original idea as they saw fit, thus making each piece of music and its interpretation highly collaborative.

LandLine consists of saxophonist Chet Doxas, pianist Jacob Sacks, bassist Zack Lober and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza. They perform regularly in many of New York City’s premier listening venues.The group’s new CD, also called “LandLine”, will be premiered during their current Canadian tour. It represents two years of collaborative composition.

Chet Doxas is a Juno nominee and has appeared on over one hundred recordings. He has released eight albums as a leader and co-leader. He has worked with a wide range of artists including Carla Bley, Dave Douglas, John Abercrombie, Rufus Wainwright, Maria Schneider, and Oliver Jones. When he is not touring he can be found in his Brooklyn recording studio working on his next projects or producing other artists.

Jacob Sacks is one of the most creative pianists on the New York jazz scene today. His strong individual voice has been heard in a variety of settings ranging from the mainstream jazz traditions of the Mingus Big Band and Orchestra to the open approach of the Paul Motian Septet to the vamp based fusion of David Binney’s Balance.

A native of Montreal, Zack Lober is a bassist, composer, DJ, and music producer now based in The Netherlands. He is a co-founder of the critically acclaimed jazz groups "The Story" and "Byproduct" and currently leads his own group called "The Ancestry Project", a performance piece featuring music and video that also incorporates his musical explorations with turntables.

A resident of Brooklyn since his college graduation, drummer Vinnie Sperrazza has worked with numerous great musicians in a wide variety of bands. He has released several albums under his own name over the past few years including “Apocryphal” and “Aprocryphal II”.

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From Toronto and New York

Avi Granite – guitar
Jim Lewis – trumpet
Tom Richards - trombone
Peter Lutek – reeds
Neal Davis - bass
Ted Warren - drums


The Avi Granite 6 is a Toronto-based neo-jazz project. The group performs the music of Canadian guitarist and composer Avi Granite. Shortly after releasing “Red Tree” in 2007 and the group's performance at the 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival, Granite moved to New York. Ten years later, after Granite's many trips home to continue his work with the AG6, the group returns with “Orbit”.

“Orbit” is the next chapter in the adventurous improvisational style of the Avi Granite 6. The group's sound is a cultural tapestry, exploring original compositions through fierce improvisations that bridge film music and the modern jazz tradition.

As Avi says “This album is about growth, change, and development. We've been at it a long time and have been playing to supportive if not wild audiences. It was time to document our evolution.”

"The sextet comes together to offer a gorgeous evocation of Granite’s music on Orbit"
- thewholenote.com

You Tube videos:

Funded by Canada Council.

Date & Times

  • Fri 11/8/2019 8:00 PM

    Tickets will be available at the door.