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Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz - Saturday, November 9

Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz - Saturday, November 9

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About the Yardbird Suite

The Yardbird Suite has been Edmonton's jazz venue since 1957. It is the performance venue of the Edmonton Jazz Society, and is an intimate, volunteer-run lounge specializing in...

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Doors at 7:00 p.m.; Show at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets - $24.00 for EJS members; $28.00 for non-members/guests

From Montreal

Mario Allard – saxophone
Samuel Blais – saxophone
Alex Francoeur – saxophone
Jacques Kuba Seguin – trumpet
Jean-Nicolas Trottier – trombone
Felix Stussi – piano
Alain Bedard – bass
Louis-Vincent Hamel - drums


Effendi Jazzlab, featuring the top players and composers of the Quebec jazz scene represents the vision of an ensemble as a meeting place for talents whose fruits are given out to a large audience of jazz fans. Jazzlab makes possible the gathering of distinctive paths within a collective endeavor to tame a wide spectrum of approaches and styles, from conventional swing to a Gil Evans impressionism via free jazz.

The capacity to elaborate a musical perspective of their own with enthusiasm within the world of contemporary jazz is probably the most striking character of this Montreal-based think tank that explores the paths of modern jazz with a rare intensity and boldness.

Since their start in 2003, Jazzlab has successfully built a genuine identity and a sound based on beautiful improvisations and other musical adventures. Jazzlab sounds like a joyful brainstorming session in which the passion of jazz naturally communicates itself to the listeners, with something there for every taste, from the most rigorously written pieces to more freely improvised titles where creativity comes first before virtuosity.

A perfect swing and a capacity to sound like an intimate combo or a powerful big band helps them to build highly-coloured and contrasted atmospheres resulting in an excellent example of the ongoing tradition of the forward-thinking small big band.

After six albums and more than 250 concerts around the world, the Jazzlab now presents “Quintessence”, the music of composer and pianist Félix Stüssi. On the menu: a refined musical experience exploring the essence of jazz itself.

“Quintessence” has been nominated at l'ADISQ for Best Jazz Album of the Year.

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Date & Times

  • Sat 11/9/2019 8:00 PM

    Tickets will be available at the door.