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The Dada Play by Meiko Ouchi

The Dada Play by Meiko Ouchi

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About the Concordia University of Edmonton - Al and Trish Huehn Theatre

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Theatre at CUE presents The Dada Play by Mieko Ouchi, March 9 to 18 at the Al and Trish Huehn Theatre, 7128 Ada Boulevard

Edmonton premiere
Directed by Caroline Howarth
Original music by Preston Gray

The Birth and Death of the Dadaist movement as told by the people who were there

“… a play in which there are many characters, which has a beginning, a middle and an end, several book-ending literary devices and non-linear narrative aids, some tragedy, attempted comic levity, fully costumed re-enactments of historical events, staging of several speculative imaginings and one central, repeated and important theme.
… this play will also cover the following topics: war, madness, pacifism, art, the birth of communism, radical political puppetry, the dawning of abstract modernism, Dada, Trotskyites, urinals, hobby horses, surrealism, drinking to excess, Bolsheviks, cubism, Theatre of Cruelty, bastard children, constructivism, attic living, Theatre of the Absurd and Love in three different, distinct and diverse forms: Unconditional, Unrequited and Of God.

It will also feature a race between a sewing machine and an ass.


Tickets are Regular $20, $15 for Students and Seniors, plus applicable fees.

Date & Times

  • Fri 3/09/18 7:30pm
  • Sat 3/10/18 2:00pm
  • Sun 3/11/18 2:00pm
  • Fri 3/16/18 7:30pm
  • Sat 3/17/18 7:30pm
  • Sun 3/18/18 2:00pm