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Fools Tongue CD Release

Fools Tongue CD Release

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Fools Tongue presents their CD Release show on April 28 at 8pm at the Capitol Theatre at Fort Edmonton Park.

Love at the end of the world… What does it sound like? What does it feel like? That’s the question Fools Tongue tried to answer with their latest release “Sky.” It’s a question that is more pertinent now than it’s ever been, a question that many people are asking themselves today. “Sky” is an alternative rock album featuring aggressive guitars, rich melodies, thick vocal harmonies, and intricate percussion parts. Influenced by artists such as Arcade Fire, Imagine Dragons, and Peter Gabriel, it is the band's vision of what it sounds like when you are faced with losing the most important things in your life.

Fools Tongue decided to take a no holds barred approach to this album.They got ahold of every drum they possibly could; six foot long Ewe drums from Africa via a French Canadian friend who studied with the man who built them; a traditional powwow drum courtesy of Josh Littlechild (percussionists in the group); thunder sheets, djembes of all shapes and sizes, shakers and rattles from all over the world. Then they made their way to a concrete basement on the Maskwacis reserve. The group held up for a month in the drum bunker armed with lyric ideas, and created percussion grooves. From there they laid the guitars and synth bass that captured the edgy, end of the world quality they needed. They brought in a brass section and a rag tag chorus to fill out the sound. Luke learned Mongolian throat singing so that a lower voice could be added to some of the vocal lines. Finally they layered in the multiple vocalists that would give Sky its unique sound. It’s catchy, human, and boasts a soundscape far bigger and worldly than an alternative rock album should.

Fools Tongue will be bringing the CD to the stage on April 28th. Featuring a six piece band with 2 percussionists, 4 vocalists, and a Chapman Stick player, this album is an epic undertaking that can only be fully appreciated during a live performance.

Tickets are $25, plus applicable fees. Children under 6 are free!

Date & Times

  • Sat 4/28/18 8:00pm