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Renaissance reading session

Renaissance reading session

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About the First Presbyterian Church

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The Early Music Alberta 2019 Festival presents Renaissance reading session on Saturday, May 4 at 9:30 AM at the First Presbyterian Church (10025 105 St)

Instrumentalists of all ages and abilities can join these two hours of music making. Recorders, oboes, sackbuts, viola da gambas, vielles, violins, cellos, etc.: All levels are welcome for a morning of playing. Ability to sight read some simple music required. For any 440 instrument that can read treble or bass clef at concert pitch.

Interested auditors also welcome.

Bill Damur, Session Leader

Participation and auditing for this session is free.

Date & Times

  • Sat 5/04/19 9:30am

    Participation and auditing for this session is free.