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Frederic Chiu - Alberta Pianofest

Frederic Chiu - Alberta Pianofest

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About the Holy Trinity Anglican Church

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Alberta Pianofest presents Frederic Chiu on Saturday, July 13th - 7:30PM at Holy Trinity Anglican Church (10037 84 Ave)

Albert Pianofest presents two conjoining programs - a kind of dyptic that expolores the themes of Art and Nature, and Nature in Art.

This concert will begin with a talk by James Taplin, philosopher. and will be followed by NATURE / NURTURE with Frederic Chiu, piano.

How do we come to understand our relationship with nature? Are we stewards, rulers, or playthings of the natural world? I look to Friedrich Schiller’s account of art’s presentation of nature. The ways in which we choose to represent nature give us power over it. But what does a responsible relationship to nature really look like? Can art be harmful? I argue that Schiller’s account offers insights into how art can represent nature responsibly.

“Nature vs Nurture” program confronts the music of Debussy with the music of Prokofiev. Both were revolutionary composers for the piano, but taking the repertoire into different – some would say “opposite” – directions. Debussy’s search for color and sound pushed him to explore the nuances of the piano. He treated the instrument as a sonic laboratory, discarding many of the rules that had come from the German traditions of the Romantic Era. Prokofiev’s radical approach to the piano took the instrument back to its basic nature, as a machine that employed hammers hitting metal. His early pieces broke the mold of sophistication and complexity that had also developed during the Romantic Era.

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Tickets are $18.00 for General Admission and $12.00 for students, plus applicable box office fees.

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